Javier “Blair” Reyes is proud to represent Colombia on the world stage at LFA 184



“In Colombia, we are passionate people, who love life and celebrate every moment.” These are the famous words spoken by Shakira, the three-time Grammy Award winning singer-songwriter known as the Queen of Latin Music. Colombia is a vibrant nation located in the northwest of South America that is known worldwide for its incredible musicians, actors, and athletes. However, this unique culture is also about to emerge on the world stage of MMA and Javier “Blair” Reyes is the man looking to help lead the next celebration for the country known as “The Gateway to South America”. In 2018, Reyes’ countrywoman Sabina Mazo became the first woman from Colombia to win a world title in MMA, when she won the LFA women’s flyweight world title at LFA 37. Reyes now hopes to become his country’s first male world champion in MMA. His path towards a title shot begins against one of the featherweight division’s most durable and proven fighters in LFA mainstay Chase “El Guero” Gibson. The two meet in the co-main event of LFA 184. Reyes sat down with LFA.com to discuss this bout as well as a variety of topics ranging from his background in Parkour to which Colombian celebrities would fair the best in MMA.


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Javier “Blair” Reyes makes his LFA debut in the Co-Main Event of LFA 184.


Reyes signed with the LFA as the most highly-touted male prospect in Colombia. He earned this distinction after compiling an impressive 17-3 record in MMA. His 20-bout MMA career has seen him compete in Colombia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Mexico, and the United States. Reyes has picked up multiple regional titles and accolades along the way, but feels the time is perfect to take the next step in his career in order to help elevate the status of his country on the global scene of MMA. That is what led to him signing with the LFA, the top developmental organization in MMA.


Reyes on representing Colombia in MMA: “For me, representing Colombia in the United States is a very important achievement. This is because there are very few of us who dare to take on the international challenge, and even fewer of us who are making history outside of Colombia. For me, Colombian fighters have a drive and a drive to always get ahead, and I’m not just saying this in sports… It’s the daily life of Colombian people, so I think we have nothing to envy of any other country when it comes to eggs. It would be incredible if Colombia achieved an MMA world title, since it is something that has never been seen in the history of the men’s divisions. It would be an honor for me to be the first to achieve it. I would make history in the history of my country.”


Javier “Blair” Reyes hails from Bogotá, which is the capital Colombia… and MMA in his country.


The opportunity to represent Colombia on the world stage is at the forefront of Reyes’ intentions at LFA 186, but the chance to represent his  nation’s capital city of Bogotá is also something he takes a lot of pride in. The former two-time LFA women’s flyweight champion Mazo, who holds over a dozen records for the promotion, is from Medellín, Antioquia. Top undefeated welterweight prospect Johan Rodríguez, who won his LFA debut earlier this year, is from Charalá, Santander. Now Reyes has a chance to represent Colombia’s capital city of Bogotá, Distrito Capital in the co-main event of LFA 184.


Reyes on representing Bogotá: “Good events are held in Colombia. However, Bogotá is the capital of MMA in Colombia. 80% of good fighters live and train nearby and of course I would love for LFA to hold an event in Colombia. Colombians have a lot of talent, but the American Visa is a limitation that almost everyone has. If LFA goes to Colombia, I am sure they would get a big surprise and would come out with new champions.”


Javier “Blair” Reyes has a background in Parkour.


Javier Reyes is known in his country by his nickname “Blair”, which was given to him during his days of practicing the discipline of Parkour in Colombia Parkour, also known as Freerunning or Art du Deplacement, originated in France and has roots in military obstacle course training and martial arts, which includes flipping, running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping, plyometrics, rolling, and quadrupedal movement. Parkour is an activity that can be practiced alone or with others. It is usually performed in urban spaces, but it can be done anywhere. It involves seeing one’s environment in a new way and envisioning the potential for navigating it by movement around, across, through, over and under its features. This has given Reyes excellent agility and spacial awareness in MMA, while also providing him with his well-known nickname.


Reyes on his nickname “Blair” and Parkour: “Blair was born in Colombia at a time when the sport Parkour was practiced a lot. At that time, I practiced and my group was called “Warriors of the Street”. They called me “Blair” and I liked it to use it in my fights. Nowadays, in Colombia it is impossible not to talk about Colombian MMA and not know who Blair is.”


Javier “Blair” Reyes trains with Javier Torres at UKF


In his quest to be the best, Reyes has traveled outside of Colombia to train with some of the best coaches and training partners he can find. That pursuit brought him to Phoenix, Arizona, where he joined UKF team under Javier Torres. That gym is also home to former LFA heavyweight champion and current UFC star Waldo “Salsa Boy” Cortes-Acosta. The affable heavyweight became the first Dominican fighter to win an LFA world title before signing with the UFC and Reyes now looks to become the first male fighter from Colombia to accomplish the same thing.


Reyes on training with Javier Torres and Waldo Cortes-Acosta: “I am currently training in Phoenix, Arizona with my UKF team under Javier Torres. Together with him and the other fighters on the team, we finished this camp very strong, and I feel in better shape than ever. Waldo is a very simple and kind person. Training with him is a challenge for your head, not to back down from his boxing. However, he moves very fast for a heavyweight, you are always learning something new with him.”


Colombia has many famous faces. Javier “Blair” Reyes looks to be the next at LFA 184.


Colombia is a vibrant nation known around the world for its talented actors, world-class soccer players, and chart-topping musicians. Javier “Blair” Reyes now looks to join Sabina Mazo propelling Colombia in the top levels of MMA. Mazo is one of the most dominant fighters in LFA history and the most successful female fighter in her country. Reyes has the same goals in mind by becoming the most successful male fighter in his Colombia. The next step on that journey takes place in the co-main event of LFA 184. In the lead up to the fight, he had some fun ranking six of Colombia’s most famous celebrities in how he feels they would fare if they decided to do MMA.


Reyes on how Colombian celebrities would do in MMA: “In my opinion, I think that Shakira and Sofía Vergara would have better success, since they can move forward in addition to showing how beautiful our women are… followed by James Rodríguez and Falcao who have an advantage for being good footballers.. and finally, J Balvin and Maluma. I am Colombian, but personally I don’t enjoy their music very much, I prefer rock!” *laughs*


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Javier “Blair” Reyes faces Chase “El Guero” Gibson in the Co-Main Event of LFA 184.


When Reyes signed with the LFA, he knew he was looking to do something no other man in his country had done. In order to achieve greatness and a possible world title, he knew he would have to make his presence known immediately. That is why he jumped at the opportunity to face Chase Gibson, who is a three-time LFA veteran, former LFA headliner, and a former contestant on Dana White’s Contender Series. Furthermore, Reyes agreed to travel to Gibson’s hometown of Los Angeles, California to co-headline LFA 184. The stakes are high and the competition will be at an all-time high for the ambitious Colombian prospect. This happens to be exactly how he envisioned making his LFA debut and he is ready to enjoy the moment.


Reyes on fighting Chase Gibson: “I think that Chase is a strong opponent, I respect him a lot. I am glad that he comes from “Contender Series”, because it is a test to prove to myself that I am ready for the big leap. I know that he is a family man and I know he lost his brother some time ago. I have nothing personal against him, but he is in the middle of me and my dreams so I will end him.”



You can watch Javier “Blair” Reyes face Chase “El Guero” Gibson in the Co-Main Event of LFA 184. The event takes place this Friday, May 17th and it will be available worldwide on UFC Fight Pass at 10 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. PT. The Preliminary Card will be available on YouTube and the LFA Fight Network and starts around 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT.





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