What is The Lo-Fi Apocalypse?
It's the name of my game development company. My name is Jorge. This site is a collection of my games, and also my tools that you can use to make your own games.
Why The Lo-Fi Apocalypse?
Because the heart of being a good developer is getting the most out of the simple.
Come join in the LFA forums! ^_^
Castle Doctrine is SO good... a sign of a good game is when you wish you made it! :D http://t.co/JFiVfctTPe - 10 months ago

Sissyfight 2000 Total Eclipse: http://t.co/Y7CnGHYlZ9 via @youtube - 11 months ago

@teamsissyfight One of my favorite all-time games I really hope they can bring it back! :D #sissyfight #FundThisGame http://t.co/GJjjyWcAUu - 11 months ago

#GunApp "all weapons" is on sale this week for $1.99 https://t.co/vDqh3Pifmd - 1 year ago

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